Translation Services

We provide quality translation services to international corporations and individuals. All work is performed by professional translators and editors.





Additional services related to translations or interpreting:

  • Our unique Verbatim ReportSM that outlines the nuances of the document in question
  • German: Fraktur, Gothic, both no surcharge, and old cursive, with surcharge and slower turnaround time
  • Certification of translation
  • Notarized documents
  • Apostille services
  • "Improved" translations, i.e., if document in target language needs to be better than the original - e.g. marketing
  • Documents written, not translated, for your business or hobby
  • Multiple professionally printed copies of a translated document

Languages offered:

Please click on language to learn what topics we handle in that language. Or please click on links by topic to discover which languages we offer for that area of expertise. Please note that we contract only with translators with native or near-native fluency in the target language, to ensure highest quality!

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