We offer translations both Russian to English and English to Russian in the following categories:

  • Agriculture: Food industry
  • Education: Curriculum development, workbooks, special education programs, IEP [Individualized Education Program] materials (including interpreting)
  • Finance and accounting: Financial statements, footnotes to financial audits or reviews, white papers
  • Government: Diplomatic papers, security clearances
  • History and geography
  • Human resources: Health insurance materials, social services documents, coaching for team and department leads (including interpreting)
  • Journalism: Newspaper articles, investigative reporting
  • Legal: Patents, contracts, letter agreements
  • Marketing: Web site content, surveys
  • Medical: Dentistry, pharmaceutical, patient advocacy (including interpreting), adult daycare
  • Military
  • STEM
  • Supply chain: Logistics, trucking
  • Technical:
    • Software manuals, story boards, software architecture, QA/QC, RCAs, project management documents, blogs for technical social media sites, data warehouse, policy philosophy, content review
    • Metallurgy
    • Road construction
    • Mining, including petroleum industry
    • Aerospace
    • Biotech
  • Video games: Transcripts
Note that for Russian, we also have the ability to create original Russian-language documents - not translations - in most of the above fields as well.