We offer translations both Spanish to English and English to Spanish in the following categories:

  • Cosmetology
  • Customer service: Including conflict resolution (interpreting)
  • E-Commerce: Web site creation, including creative work
  • Economics: International trade, ExIm
  • Education: Curriculum, lesson plans, physical fitness from educational viewpoint, special education programs, IEP [Individualized Education Program] materials (including interpreting), speech language evaluation reports. Also interpreting or tutoring for secondary school students.
  • Executive: Latin cultural awareness for executives and managers, corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • Film: Scripts, pitches, promotional materials
  • Financial: Financial statements, accounting procedures and processes, footnotes to financial review or audit, accounts receivable and collections, Import-Export, lines of credit, letters of credit
  • Human resources: Employment agreements, HIPAA, job descriptions, job placement ads
  • Journalism: Newspaper articles, investigative reporting
  • Labor: 
  • Legal: Patents, bail bonds, contracts, assignments, surveillance reports, criminal law, corporate law, money laundry prevention
  • Literary
  • Marketing: Press releases, Web site content, graphic design, illustration, voter outreach for political campaigns, nonprofits
  • Medical: Alzheimer's, psychology, behavioral health, physical fitness, sports medicine, anatomy. Also simultaneous or consecutive interpreting for hospitals or clinics.
  • Military
  • STEM
  • Supply chain: Inventory management, forecasting, logistics, purchasing, order management systems
  • Technical: Computer manuals and workbooks, mechanical engineering handbooks, instruction manuals
  • Theology
  • Unique industries:
    • Recycled, gently used baby products
    • Breweries

Please note that for Spanish language, one of our translators is also a paralegal who would be qualified to work with your team in drafting immigration documents, support for asylum cases, and related.