Human Resources

We have sat in your chair. We know how difficult it is to recruit new hires who are a good match for your culture. Over the years, we have developed best practices - from job description copywriting, to analysis of applicants' resumes, through the interview process and beyond - that have enabled us to find and mentor great talent.

Let us help you do the same!

We recruit candidates for finance, accounting, administration, marketing, customer service, management, production / manufacturing, and executive assistants in-house. We subcontract with extraordinary recruiters to find software devs and strong IT candidates. - Note: We do not handle sales or CMO positions.

Additionally, we will create an employee manual for review by your attorneys, or we will work with you to rewrite an existing manual.

Finally, we collaborate with a payroll guru to help you find exactly the right PEO - professional employer organization - to manage your payroll and benefits.

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