Guerrilla Marketing

It's a big country. Whether you are a native son or daughter, or the ink is barely dry on your green card, you quickly learn: It's a big country!

Gone are the days when ICE dropped you off in the middle of every European city, or you sold products door to door in quiet suburbs with white picket fences. Ten-year-olds have their own Web sites (if not e-Businesses!). College freshmen plan IPOs. And despite Covid, home offices still can be status symbols.

You can still pursue your dreams, even if all you know how to do is run your business the old-fashioned way. Perhaps especially if that is what you do, because you have an advantage over your inexperienced competition. They may know the technology of the gadgets and how to surf the 'Net, but you know your business.

It's easier than you think, if you call us.

Here are a few of the things we do well:

  • Web sites that reflect your personality and company culture
  • Press releases that will get you publicity money can't buy
  • Flyers and brochures, as simple or sophisticated as your budget allows
  • Newsletters (and e-Newsletters) - monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly - to reach your target audience
  • Ghostwritten speeches
  • Postcard mailings announcing new products or services
  • Ad campaigns - inexpensive ad campaigns - your client base will notice
We subscribe to the philosophy of guerrilla marketing, which emphasizes presence over cost, direct contact over excessive reliance on computers, and networking to build relationships, not to make one-time sales.

To learn more, contact us with your questions.