Management Consulting - Small and Mid-Size Business

Management Consulting - Small and Mid-Size Business

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First, to definitions. For the purposes of this service, we define business size as follows. 

  • Very small: 0-5 employees, revenues of $100,000 or less
  • Small: 5-50 employees, revenues $100,000-$1,000,000
  • Mid-size: 50-100 employees, revenues $1-50 million

The SBA and IRS each have slightly different definitions, but in our experience, these categories best define the special needs of each size business.

Our management consulting services do not include M&A, unless you are trying to put together financials and reporting for a larger company that wants to buy yours. That would fall under General Consulting. For normal M&A, we will be happy to recommend former colleagues who excel at that, and assist you however needed. Our rates would be lower than theirs.

In general, if you are too small to have a board of directors to guide your decision-making, and you feel overwhelmed by decisions that will impact not merely your short-term plans, but mid- and long-term as well, we can "be" that C-Suite that is otherwise out of your price range.

Our team has deep experience in the matters that you face, and we've done it as very small, small, and mid-size businesses. Whether you just need help putting together your first-ever budgets and forecasts, or whether you sense that your company may have taken on risks you cannot handle, we can work with you to gain solid ground beneath your feet.

As with M&A issues, should we see that your company would benefit from legal advice, or counsel from a tax CPA, we will introduce you to our network, people who care about small business and who will give you the best rates possible. 

Not sure? Contact us for a general quote. Describe your company, tell us what is bothering you. We will give you a reasonable estimate and statement of work.

Note: The rates shown here are valid only until December 31, 2021. Effective 01/01/2022, rates will increase across the board by 25%. Should you know that you wish to retain us, but cannot handle this type project until 2022, you can pay now, to lock in the lower rate. All prepaid consulting funds go into a trust account, and are not "spent" until contract is signed and work is performed.

We recommend a minimum of 20 - 40 hours as basic retainer, to ensure you get the best discount available.

All prices quoted are hourly. On-site work will require travel and expense reimbursement, which will be covered in our SOW and contract.