Literary and Non-Technical Translations

Literary and Non-Technical Translations

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Has your US-based publisher asked for a translation of that book you wrote in German, so they can add it to their list? Or vice-versa - does your English-language masterpiece have a market in Germany?

DEHeap Enterprises, Inc. can and will work with you on your projects:

  • Novels: All fiction
  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Cookbooks
  • Art books
  • Nonfiction histories
  • White papers
  • Non-technical manuals

We support the languages listed in our translation services page.

Please query us regarding your project. We will send you a sample translation project contract, which includes translation fees, royalties, and translation credits.

If you are looking for a rock-bottom price, please go somewhere else. The staff of DEHeap Enterprises, Inc. takes great pride in its expertise. Just as both publisher and original author deserve to make a decent living from their work, so too does the literary translator. If you want something on the cheap, we will refer you to our competitors.

Note: If you choose to pay deposit online, the funds will go into a trust account and will not be spent until contract is signed and work is performed.