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Shana Tova!

This sweet new year's postcard was drawn by then-17-year-old Willy Wolff for friends in Fuerth. Willy eventually became a well-known commercial artist in Germany, working for companies as prominent as Nuremberg's premiere Lebkuchen factory.

In 5667 (1906), he would never have believed that his world would change so quickly. What surely appeared as a Goldene Medina to young Willy and his friends would disappear in ashes before his 50th birthday.

I hope the beauty of this simple card reminds you, reminds me, to treasure what we have now. To guard freedom and justice with our lives. Never to take it for granted. To celebrate community, cherish dear friends, and live wisely and well.

May our new year be sweet, prosperous, happy... and diligent!

Shana tova!

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