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September 30, 2005

Roses at Noon
The newsletter of the
Center for White Rose Studies

September 30, 2005 - Volume 4, Issue 2

In Memoriam

    On July 15, 2005 - two days after the sixty-second anniversary of his brother Schurik's execution - Dr. Erich Schmorell of Munich-Pasing passed away. His memory is truly for a blessing.
    Along with the Probst family, Dr. Schmorell stood up to The Powers That Be who have misused and abused White Rose resistance for personal gain. It cost him and his beloved wife Hertha dearly. The last few years, he wrote that he simply no longer had the energy to keep fighting.
    We've been grateful for the many people who have told us how our White Rose work has touched them. But no approbation came close to making me smile as much as "the" letter from Dr. Schmorell. It took him almost a full year to read Volume I, dictionary at hand. But he did. And liked it. That letter? Among my most valuable possessions.
    Anyone who would like to send a sympathy card to his widow, or merely drop her a line to let her know you are thinking about her, please mail it to us and we will forward it to her. She is special in her own right. Her father was the C.O. of the Second Student Company - yes!, the Commanding Officer to Alex and Willi, Hans and Hubert.
    We've lost a great man. But he will never be forgotten.
    - Ruth Hanna Sachs

New Publications
Two Interviews: Hartnagel and Wittenstein
    The interviews with Fritz and Elisabeth (nee Scholl) Hartnagel from April 1995 and Dr. G.J. Wittenstein (January 2001) have been documented for everyone to read. We felt it was important to include these in our primary source materials, since the stories told by both Hartnagel and Wittenstein are tough to nail down. Both interviews are annotated with references to contradictory statements made before and after. The Hartnagel interview is included in both the original German as well as in English translation.
    Please note that the transcripts of both interviews were sent to the respective interviewee for proofreading and corrections, and ALL such notes were entered in the final version.
    To read excerpts from this book on Google Books, click here. To order, click here.

Microsoft Excel Workbooks
    These workbooks were the same ones Ruth used as she wrote White Rose History, Volume II. They support the picky-picky detail work in her book. Now you can follow her logic to see if you draw the same conclusions. As always, if you don't, let us know!
    The workbooks ship free of charge to any individual who purchases the academic version of White Rose History, Volume II. Now they are available to purchasers of the regular edition, and to individuals who purchased their copy of the academic version through a library, book store, or book wholesaler. Just not free!
    Excel workbook #1: Leaflet Mailing, Summer 1942. This workbook makes the Gestapo's list of names and addresses (people who turned in their copies of Leaflets #1 - #4) completely sortable. Enables analysis of where leaflets were posted (location, date, time), recipient, leaflets received, and the like.
    Excel workbook #2: Gestapo Agents and Denunciations. Defines which agent interrogated which White Rose individual or searched a house, which White Rose person denounced whom and the severity of the denunciation, and prison transfers. Sortable by agent, White Rose person, date, etc.
    Excel workbook #3: Names Index. Lists each major player of the White Rose, and where known, birth date, birth place, place of residence, and primary connection to White Rose. Sortable by each field.
    To order these workbooks on CD-ROM, click here. Important note: This item may NOT be shipped to libraries, book stores, or book wholesalers! Only individuals may purchase for their own private use.

New White Rose Seminar
    While moving into the research phase for Volume III (October 13, 1943 - May 9, 1945), I started chasing the proverbial rabbit. I've always wondered how it was possible for Inge Scholl to put forward such a ridiculous mixture of fact and fiction - heavy on the fiction - and have not only German scholars, but also American Marshall and McCloy Fund people lap it up unquestioningly. And hand over unbelievable sums of money to Inge Scholl on the basis of her lies.
    There's been none of the emphasis on scholarship that usually accompanies any supposed work of nonfiction. Politicians and professors have seemed content to endorse the Scholl-Verhoeven version of events, history be damned.
    Thanks to Dr. Thomas Schwartz of Vanderbilt, and Sarah Hartwell and Joyce Pike of Dartmouth's Rauner Special Collections, things are slowly coming into focus. White Rose legend cannot be separated from the post-war milieu created by Marshall, McCloy, and Marcuse. Just as a person's actual connection to the National Socialist Party played a minor role in the de-Nazification process, so the reality of resistance was less important to the occupiers than an "anti-Nazi" story that could be used in re-education.
    There's more work to be done before this seminar can be presented. But we are taking reservations... 
    For White Rose seminars, click here. For a seminar on historical revisionism, including this one entitled American News and World Report, click here. To know more about all our seminars and conferences, click here.

A Nice Review!
    Thanks to Dr. Petra Fiero of Western Washington University for the great review in Volume 37, No. 2 of Unterrichtspraxis (American Association of Teachers of German, or AATG). We've already taken her criticism to heart and will ship an index for the academic versions of Volumes I and II. Soon. Contact us if you'd like to read her review for yourself and don't receive that trade journal.

Other New Publications
    We don't usually hawk Exclamation! Publishers' non-White Rose publications in this space, but two items may be of special interest to those of you involved in Holocaust education or Jewish-German dialog. The Cookbook for Germans in America series - translation and adaptation of Henriette Davidis's landmark 1879 cookbook - includes kosher versions of all recipes.
    [Note: In the "Meat" cookbook, if a recipe cannot be "kasherized", that is noted.]
    Since food is at the heart of both German and Jewish traditions, and since much of American-Jewish cookery has deep roots in the German kitchen, these cookbooks could serve as common ground for Hillel-Stammtisch gatherings.
    There's more information about these cookbooks on Exclamation! Publishers' Web site. To order, click here. For a sample recipe, please contact us.

    Next, Exclamation! Publishers has added two wonderful translation-adaptations (transdaptations! - TM me!) of Ludwig Thoma plays to its repertoire. Alma Thieme's work is fresh and refreshing. She said these were the two easiest projects she's ever embarked upon, because both plays "felt" like they were written in the 21st century instead of in the first decade of the 20th.
    The first one is Morality, a funny, funny take on false pomposity. To read an excerpt, click here. To order, click here. The second - First Class - pokes fun at politicians who cannot recognize intelligence if it were to bite them in the ... Well, to read an excerpt, click here. To order, click here.
    Why include these plays here? Because Ludwig Thoma wrote them shortly before World War I, long before Adolf Hitler even dreamed of entering politics. He wrote them in a vibrant Munich, a city that thumbed its nose at the Kaiser and treasured many of the same freedoms and liberties we cherish in 2005. Alma said the best parts of the plays required no adaptation whatever, lines like Why didn't you TELL me he was a politician? Then I'd have known for sure he had no real principles! Or, You want to find a moral justification for your immorality.

In Closing
    We are looking forward to making ALL of our primary source documents available to college and university professors, grad students, undergraduates, independent scholars, and even high school students. That dream of a brick-and-mortar facility has not died, will not die. In such a "center" you will be able to peruse hard copies in the original German, or zip through the English-language Microsoft Access database. As we've noted before, you should be able to read things at our Center that would be off limits at the Bundesarchiv or Weisse-Rose-Stiftung in Munich.
    But we will note once again: To make this dream a reality, we need your help! Please contact us if you share our vision.

    Dr. Igor Khramov (alt. Igor Chramov) is working on reviving his biography of Alexander Schmorell. It's currently out of print, and will be re-released once he's satisfied it's complete. (That may take a while!)
    If you or one of your Russian-speaking colleagues would like to work with us on an English version of that Russian-language volume, please contact us. Royalties would be small, but rewards would be great.
    Khramov's work helps us understand why "Schurik" was different and why his input was critical to their work.

    In the meantime, best wishes for the post-Labor Day/pre-holidays months ahead (and shana tova a bit early!). This is my favorite time of the year, when everything and everybody seems to go into overdrive, preparing for ... SNOW!, I mean winter. Enjoy!

All the best,

Ruth Hanna Sachs

(c) 2005 Exclamation! Publishers and Center for White Rose Studies. All rights reserved. Please contact us for permission to quote.

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