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  • Evening with the White Rose (3-hour session)
  • Day with the White Rose (2 3-hour sessions)
  • Abandonment Reading (3-hour session)
  • White Rose Seminar (3 days)
  • White Rose Conference, Part One (5-1/2 days)
  • White Rose Conference, Part Two (5-1/2 days)
  • White Rose Conference, Part Three (5-1/2 days)
  • Shoah: German Resistance and the Jewish Community (3-hour session)
  • Historical Revisionism: Rewriting History (3-hour session)
  • Historical Revisionism: American News & World Report (3-hour session)
  • Inspired Writing (3-hour session)
  • Creative Nonfiction (3-hour session)
  • 20th Century Democracy: Cynical Idealism (3-hour session)

Registration is not valid until deposit is received. 50% of remainder must be received no later than SIX weeks before the seminar or conference begins. Balance due TWO weeks before the seminar or conference begins.

Calculation of deposit: $________________ x "admission" x 15% = $_____________________

Cancellations within six weeks of seminar or conference are completely non-refundable.

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