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March 31, 2005

Roses at Noon
The newsletter of the
Center for White Rose Studies

March 31, 2005 - Volume 4, Issue 1

White Rose History, Volume II: Journey to Freedom (May 1, 1942 - October 12, 1943) has been released!
    This is the story of what they did once they landed in Munich together, along with the development of affiliated "groups" in Ulm, Freiburg, and Saarbruecken. It's an often painful story, devoid of the sugar-coating the legend has bestowed on White Rose resistance over the last sixty years. Contrary to that legend, they were hardly "of one mind", certainly not in agreement over most religious and political matters.
    It was very difficult to write the chapters about the rift from February 9 - 11, 1943, and the disastrous consequences that arose from that rift. It's one thing to take these marvelous students and the adults who learned from them down from their cracked pedestals. Those pedestals will eventually crumble as real historians and real scholars (even in Germany) become increasingly willing to challenge legend and take on the "establishment" - The Powers That Be.
    But it was quite another to comprehend the damage done to valuable friendships and longstanding relationships at the February 9/February 11 meetings. Though few were directly involved, the ripple effect impacted almost everyone arrested.
    Does the "rift" detract from the things they did? In no way! Rather, it points out a critical aspect of any attempt at informed dissent, namely how one should react when the movement with which one is affiliated strikes out in a direction that makes an individual comfortable. There are no pat answers in this book.
    I also believe - we believe - that anyone who reads the chapter about the April 19, 1943 trial will fully understand why the legend has been so harmful to the real story of the White Rose. When you "see" all fourteen individuals standing before Judge Freisler, you finally realize how terrible it is when extant scholarship focuses on two or three people to the detriment of everyone else. It's a powerful chapter, one that moved me in the writing, one that will surely stir you in the reading.
    As with Volume I, I've tried to put their story in context, describing the specific air raids that affected them or their families, the earthquakes of 1943, and progression of the war. Since what they read and heard and observed made a difference in how they thought, I included as much about those things as possible. Most of the detail is in the academic version only.
    We think you will be surprised as well by the variety of people who moved in this circle. Some were almost rock-star type celebrities, many were amony Germany's intellectual elite. There will be names you may know but never associated wi th the White Rose.

    Things you will find in the 863 pages of Volume II that you won't likely find in any other White Rose history:

  • The problematic paradox of Professor Kurt Huber's pro-Nazi/anti-Hitler politics
  • Connections between White Rose and other resistance groups, and who provided the links
  • The "golden thread" of the American-made Remington typewriter used to write and produce the leaflets
  • A frank discussion of drug use, depression, and repressed sexual orientation (academic version only)
  • Who denounced or betrayed whom, and who stood firm

    Note that our goal for Volume III in the series - to be released once all relevant archives are accessible, including those in the USA - is to track down as many of the 180 "suspects" on the Gestapo's hit list as possible. You read right. 180!

Research Center
    We keep hoping that "the next newsletter" will announce the opening of an official research center where you or your colleagues can benefit from our ten-plus years of digging. It's one of our more immediate goals, setting up shop where our library of primary (and reliable secondary) sources can be open to the public.
    That includes but is not limited to archival materials and The Access Database, enabling research into German resistance (and eventually all manners of democratically inspired informed dissent) in the original German language or in English translation.
    If you would like to volunteer time (cataloging and organizing documents, assisting researchers), materials (we will badly need good computer equipment and office furniture once we've got the office space), or money (we have a special "research center" fund for your contributions), we would greatly appreciate it. If possible - that is, with proper support and funding - the research center will be available free of charge to scholars.
    Please contact us if you would like to help. We need you!

Supporting Friends
    Just a quick note on behalf of friends in Munich: The German-Jewish Web site has recently lost its government funding. Not surprising, considering Germany's high rate of unemployment. Since they provide front-line defense against right-wing extremism in Germany, there's a petition drive underway to ask for reinstatement of that funding. The petition is available online in English and German. Check out what they do - don't take my word for it!
    If you would hate to see them disappear, please take a minute to complete the online petition and voice your support. [Note on September 1, 2009: The petition is still up, as funding was basically granted on a year-to-year basis. Please sign even now!]

Staff Contact Information
    The following staff members are responsible for the areas shown next to their names. Please address your questions, concerns, or comments to the person responsible for that topic when you contact us:
    Denise Heap: Administrative, financial, book orders, volunteering
    Ruth Sachs: White Rose information, 
    Joyce Light: Inquiries, including initial queries about conferences and seminars (speakers bureau)
    Jason Heap: Educational materials, U.K.
    Alma Thieme: General German/Bavarian history

In Closing
    Keep us in mind for one- or two-days seminars, or even a week-long "for credit" course. The true story of the White Rose is well-suited for Holocaust lecture series, Jewish-German 'reconciliation' events, interdisciplinary discussions, and plain old inspirational gatherings - whether held at a university, college, public high school, synagogue, church, civic center, Hebrew day school, parochial school, or anything in between.
    Ask us how you can book an event in your town!

As usual, we welcome input from our readers - praise, critique, questions. Thanks for being part of our lives!

All the best,

Ruth Hanna Sachs

(c) 2005 Exclamation! Publishers and Center for White Rose Studies. All rights reserved. Please contact us for permission to quote.



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