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Join the project!

If you wish to participate in the making of our documentaries, and it matters to you which documentary you support, please note that when you contact us. Otherwise, we will assume that you are joining the project in progress.

Note that if an item or service is crossed out, it means we now have it. Thanks!

What we need:
    One high-end PC (or Mac) equipped with video-editing software and professional version of Adobe Photoshop
    One good PC (or Mac), not quite as high-end, but good quality, to replace our current shoestring setup
    Color laser printer
    Professional version of MainStage, SoundTrack Pro, or other software to generate soundtrack
    MIDI-enabled keyboard

    Script consultant (co-writer)
    Soundtrack collaborator
    Narrator (native English and German speakers)
    English-to-German literary/script translator for German version
    Film producers (one for Germany, one for U.S.)
    Cinematographer for additional footage
    Film editor
    PR person
    Production facilities

We anticipate total cost for each documentary to be $135,000: $125,000 to create, $10,000 to distribute. If actual equipment is donated, then cold cash needed would be less. If time is contributed, it will be calculated at scale for that activity and the person contributing the time and expertise will earn "investment" and proportional revenue sharing. If e.g. film editor is paid, then s/he will not receive proportional revenue sharing. Rather, the person who contributed the funds that enabled payment will be deemed the investor.

To level the playing field and encourage investment, all of us at DEHeap Enterprises, Inc., Exclamation! Publishers, and Center for White Rose Studies have agreed that our time, effort, and assets to date will not be calculated in the pool. Only items we contribute or services we provide on behalf of the documentaries effective December 15, 2009 will go into the mix to determine revenue sharing at the end of the project.

Our contributions will be especially transparent. Other investors may request documentation at any time supporting our work.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to be involved in any level with these two documentaries.

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