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Historical revisionism
Exclamation! Publishers and the Center for White Rose Studies offer two options for addressing the topic of historical revisionism.
    The first - Rewriting History - takes a more global approach. As you would expect, we talk about Holocaust denial and efforts to claim the Shoah never happened. In broad strokes only. But we also speak to the times when it becomes necessary to rewrite history.
    Ruth uses her research into White Rose resistance as example of fictional legends that have insinuated themselves into the historical record, and the need to "fix" that historical record to reflect reality. People who were Nazis who claim to have been part of White Rose (or other resistance efforts), story-tellers like Inge Scholl who inflated her siblings' role in the resistance (and why)...
    The seminar does not stop with White Rose. Ruth points out the fallacies in assuming that all resistance efforts during the Holocaust were in defense of the minorities who were being murdered by the Nazis.
    Although this seminar topic cannot be covered in-depth in the three hour time period alloted to it, we hope that it will provide professors and teachers a starting point for teaching students to question, question, question. And then question some more. How to chase rabbits and explore gaps in timelines. Why one can never assume that a historical record is complete unless and until all archives are open and uncensored. ALL archives.

    The second version of our historical revisionism seminars deals with the writing of history in post-war America. Entitled American News & World Report, the topic focuses primarily on journalistic and political issues. Why did the de-Nazification process stop short? How was news covered from 1945 (or even before then) to 1960 (and beyond)? Can we decipher the goals and aims of American politicians and the American press by examining the record in its minutiae?
    For this seminar, Ruth prefers that the teaching staff "prep" the class, conference, or colloquium with specific homework assignments. Once registration and deposit are received, we will send you the prep work we'd like to see. If done properly, this seminar can be a valuable tool for your entire department.

    "Admission:" $900. (Averages $18 for 50 participants.) Exclamation! Publishers and the Center for White Rose Studies provide all hand-outs free of charge. ($250 value)
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