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For Holocaust education

When you query us with ideas for books, white papers, essays, or any assortment of "written" approach to teaching, talking about, discussing the Shoah, please remember that our primary focus will always be those who resisted Hitler's regime.

Whether ordinary Germans who found a backbone, Jewish groups and individuals who banded together to fight, or French-Polish-Albanian-Danish-Dutch-Norwegian-American-Russian-Belgian-Yugoslavian nationals who would not tolerate the crimes of National Socialism within their borders... These are the stories and lessons that interest us most.

If we are to "enforce" the nie wieder, that never again that has become the mantra of Holocaust education, we must understand the forces of informed dissent, of civil disobedience. What are the differences between rabble-rousers and those who are righteously angry? It is all well and good to chant never again, but how do we make that a reality?

Please consider submitting to one of our two anthologies first, by way of introduction. For more information, check out the pages dedicated to Common Ground and Leaflets of Our Resistance. Also see our Call for Papers, with specific topics we would like to see researched in depth.

We do not pay advance royalties. We try to make up for this with a generous royalty system. We pay 15% of retail. In the case of the anthologies, that 15% is calculated pro rata, that is, your percentage of the book's content. We pay royalties once a year.

As with our other publications, please contact us for mailing address or email address. We do NOT accept faxed queries. We also will delete without opening any emailed query with an attached document. Please type the entire query into the body of your email.
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