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Creative nonfiction

    In July 1994, when Ruth Hanna Sachs first began her White Rose research, she intended to first write a creative nonfiction (also known as literary nonfiction) novel about the White Rose. And indeed, the first two or three drafts of her White Rose history were in novel format.
    She postponed completion of that novel, however, until she could nail down once and for all the real White Rose story. Hence, the "straight" nonfiction books published on the topic.
    The concept of creative nonfiction has remained one of Ruth's passions. She's written about it for Children's Writers Newsletter, and debated it publicly with "nonfiction" writers who claim it's not a legitimate form of nonfiction.
    She will bring this debate to your classroom or organization and make you think about how we write what we write, and why. How should we handle 'invented' dialog? How must we write accurate descriptions? What visual clues legitimate, what is not? We think about ways to stick to the facts and do justice to the drama of history, while not over-embellishing to the point of fiction.
    (Note that Ruth also loves to point out that nonfiction purists who won't utilize dialog don't seem to have any 'problem' inventing other things out of thin air...)
    To read the first chapter of Ruth's creative nonfiction novel (to be released next year), click here.

    "Admission": $1,800. (Averages $50 each for 36 students.) Center for White Rose Studies and Exclamation! Publishers provide workbook materials free of charge. ($500 value).

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